Gandolfo's Deli - Oceanside California

Gandolfo's Rockefeller Reuben Sandwich

We had been hearing about Gandolfo’s Deli for a while. And after returning from New York and trying some of the most popular delis out there (i.e. Katz Delicatessen and Carnegie Deli) we had to give Gandolfo’s a try. And we were quite pleased with our experienced! Gandolfo’s Deli is a fast-casual sandwich/deli shop unassumingly…


Red Rooster - Oceanside California

Rooster Burger Oceanside California

As a finalist in the Union-Tribune for San Diego’s Best Burger in 2010 and with plenty of solid reviews we had to try out the hyped up “Rooster Burger” at Red Rooster Bar & Grill (The Red Rooster) in Oceanside California. The Rooster Burger lived up to the “best burger in North County” hype! Red…


Beach Break Cafe - Oceanside California

Beach Break Cafe Beach Break Burger Oceanside California

With numerous glowing reviews about Beach Break Café having some of the best burgers in North County in San Diego we had to try their burger out to see if it lived up to the hype. The “Beach Break Burger” lived up to the hype – It had a great beach atmosphere and one of…


Pit Stop Diner - Oceanside California

Pit Stop Diner Pit Stop Burger Oceanside California

If you’re looking for a fast and inexpensive burger fix The Pit Stop Diner in Oceanside just might be the place for you. The Pit Stop Diner has an expansive lunch and dinner menu (more than burgers) that includes over a dozen types of burgers, a dozen hot dog options, over a dozen sandwiches, wraps,…


Brooklyn Boyz Pizza - Oceanside California

Brooklyn Boyz Pizza Oceanside California

With stand-out reviews and a lot of hype about Brooklyn Boyz Pizza being the best pizza in North San Diego (and some stating this place being right in there with Bronx Pizza and Pizzeria Luigi in San Diego) we had to try it out. Brooklyn Boyz Pizza is family owned and operated and the atmosphere…


Carmine's Pizza - Oceanside California

Carmine's Pizza Oceanside California

We had a great experience at Carmine’s Pizza in Oceanside California. The food was excellent, good quality, fresh and very tasty. The service was super friendly and the atmosphere was fun and casual. It was also nice to meet the owner “Tony” and to see pride of product and business ownership. Carmine’s menu includes not…