About Us

Chef Steve
STEVE CARLSON, CEO/Founder: Recognized Expert, entrepreneur and consultant in the culinary industry with a successful track record in company branding, business development and technology. Steve has a track record of success of several start-up companies. Steve is a computer engineer, consultant and a serial entrepreneur. Steve loves innovation, technology, food photography, surfing, good food and sharing his dining experiences.
Steve - Food Smackdown

Chef Nikki
NIKKI CARLSON, COO/Partner: Recognized in the Industry as a Leader in Public Relations, Media, Sales, Marketing, Product Development and Brand Awareness. Nikki has a successful track record for the growth of two major fashion and retail companies. Nikki co-owns and runs a successful fashion forward electronics brand (“chicBuds“) and PR/Channel Management company (“ChicExecs“). Nikki has an entrepreneurial spirit and loves to eat and share about it.

Nikki - Food Smackdown