Umami Burger - Los Angeles California

Umami Burger

We’ve been hearing great things about Umami Burger in Los Angeles for some time so we decided to drop by to see if Umami Burger could live up to all the hype. With so much build up we had very high expectations – And Umami Burger in La Brea did not disappoint! Umami Burger currently…


Dog Haus - Pasadena California

Dog Haus Freiburger

Dog Haus (pronounced dog house) opened in Los Angeles County in October 2010 in the city of Pasadena California. It’s a 1400 square foot 42 seat restaurant offering fast-food with comfy sit-down seating so you can hang out and listen to 80s music while enjoying delicious food at the same time. Dog Haus is very…


Free Birthday Meals


Do you like free meals? If your answer is “YES” keep on reading. We’ve compiled a list of restaurants that offer free birthday meals and coupons to help celebrate your special day (we’ve even tried most of them)!! So at least once a year you can indulge yourself (for a week or two if you…


The Counter - Santa Monica California

The Counter Mini Cheeseburgers Sliders Santa Monica California

If you have been following our burger reviews you’ll know we are fans of The Counter. We’ve been to The Counter in Newport Beach (Orange County) and The Counter in Carlsbad (San Diego). We love their food and atmosphere and the workers always seem to be very friendly. So when we visited The Counter in…


Bay Cities Italian Deli and Bakery - Santa Monica California

Bay Cities Italian Deli and Bakery The Godmother Sandwich

As we began searching for the best sandwiches in Los Angeles Bay Cities Italian Deli and Bakery in Santa Monica kept coming to the forefront. With numerous reviews, a lot of fans and press about their deli sandwiches we wanted to check this place out to see what all the hype was about. Bay Cities…


Pizzeria Mozza - Los Angeles California

Pizzeria Mozza Margherita Pizza with Fennel Sausage

Being from San Diego we don’t frequent Los Angeles Restaurants as much as we’d like. So when we head up to Los Angeles we make the most of our trip. Enter Pizzeria Mozza. We heard and read great things about this place so it was on our list of must try pizzas in Los Angeles….


Hot Wings Cafe - Los Angeles California

Hot Wings Cafe Los Angeles California Hot Wings

In our search for the best hot wings in Los Angeles we kept hearing about a place called Hot Wings Café. With tons of great reviews, a strong local following and some press coverage to back up the hype we had to check this place out. And we’re so glad we did. Our experience did…