Brooklyn Boyz Pizza - Oceanside California

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Brooklyn Boyz Pizza

2183 Vista Way, Ste B
Oceanside, CA 92054
(760) 757-4992
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Economics: Reasonable price for traditional New York style pizza (thinner crust that has a light crisp crunch to it). Add toppings ($1.75 each) to a 18” cheese pie ($14) or order a specialty pie 18” ($15-$24.50). Pizza by the slice also sold ($2.25-$4.25) or 2 slices and a drink special ($6.50).

Atmosphere: A cool, casual, and fun atmosphere that really made you feel like you were in New York. New York baseball player photos were hung on the wall and a huge Brooklyn Bridge art piece was painted on the wall in the back. Pub chair seating is available so you can watch the pizzas being made to perfection.

Taste: The New York style pizza by the slice was excellent (even when reheated in the oven). The pepperoni slice can be a little greasy but hey that was expected. The pizza crust had a perfect, light, thin crunch to it. The garlic knots topped with real garlic were pretty good.

Service: Excellent and super friendly service. Family owned and operated. We could sense the pride of ownership and the workers were very friendly to both new customers and locals.

Brooklyn Boyz Pizza Display Oceanside California
With stand-out reviews and a lot of hype about Brooklyn Boyz Pizza being the best pizza in North San Diego (and some stating this place being right in there with Bronx Pizza and Pizzeria Luigi in San Diego) we had to try it out. Brooklyn Boyz Pizza is family owned and operated and the atmosphere really made you feel like you were in New York. There are famous New York baseball player photos hanging on the wall and a cool Brooklyn Bridge art piece painted on a wall in the back. There is also a flat screen TV in the back for watching sports. There are several small tables for seating inside along with several pub chairs facing the oven where you can eat and watch the pizza being made to perfection. The service was super friendly and we could sense the pride of ownership and how new customers were important and made to feel welcome as well as the locals who came in.

Inside Brooklyn Boyz Pizza Oceanside California
Brooklyn Boyz Pizza is located in a strip mall (sandwiched between Los Tacos and Submarina) in Oceanside conveniently off the 78 freeway on Vista Way. Tucked in the strip mall it can be a little difficult to find (unless you have a GPS handy of course). A Starbucks and McDonald’s are nearby (which will be a good guiding point if you get lost).

Brooklyn Boyz Pizza Pepperoni Pizza and Garlic Knots
Upon visiting Brooklyn Boyz Pizza we ordered the pizza by the slice special which came with two slices of pizza and a soda ($6.50). One of the workers recommended the pepperoni slice so that’s what we tried. We also tried three garlic knots (sold 3 for $2 or 6 for $3.50).

Brooklyn Boyz Pizza Pepperoni Pizza Slice
The pepperoni slices were a good size and very tasty (one of the best New York style pepperoni slices we’ve had so far). The traditional New York style pizza crust was thin with the perfect crisp and made to perfection. The sauce and cheese were also excellent along with our selected topping of pepperoni. The slices were premade and re-heated in the oven (which may have added to the perfect crisp of the crust).

Brooklyn Boyz Pizza Garlic Knots
The garlic knots were pretty good (but not quite as good as our favorite garlic knots at Carmine’s in Oceanside). The garlic knots at Brooklyn Boyz Pizza had real garlic on it which was good but was a little overpowering for us. If you have concerns about garlic breath for a few hours after or if you’re on a date you may want to pass on the garlic knots and try them some other time when you are alone.

Brooklyn Boyz Pizza was reasonably priced. A large 18” pie (the only size pies sold) with cheese will run you $14 with additional toppings $1.75 each. They also sell pizza by the slice – cheese slice $2.25, stuffed slice $4.25, Sicilian slice $2.75, all other slices $2.75 or 2 slices of pizza and a soda (refillable) special for $6.00 (which turns out to be $6.50 after tax). There are also other menu items such as specialty pies (white pies no sauce), garlic knots, mozzarella sticks, buffalo wings, calzones, Brooklyn rolls and a few spaghetti and pasta type dishes.

Outside Brooklyn Boyz Pizza Oceanside California

Overall, we really enjoyed our Brooklyn Boyz Pizza experience. The New York style pizza we ate was delicious and made to perfection. The food was also very reasonably priced. Brooklyn Boyz Pizza had one of the best New York style pizzas (we really liked the crust) in North San Diego we’ve had and we can see why others ranked it as a top contender for best pizza in San Diego. We plan to return to try out an 18” pie or some of the many other pizza slice options offered.


  1. Irene says:

    I absolutely LOVE this place. My fiance is from New York and was skeptical at first to try it but ever since we did we haven’t had any other kind of pizza since. The guys in there are so nice and remember us each time we go in there. I’m a HUGE fan of the knots. I love garlic and I don’t mind smelling like it! :) I suggest trying the Canarsie (or as I like to call it the “White pizza”). The stromboli is absolutely amazing too. Try something new every time, that’s what I do!

  2. steve says:

    We too loved the New York style pizza (and the super friendly service)! — We’ll have to try the “white pizza” and stromboli next time! Thanks for the great suggestion!

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