Food Smackdown's Top Restaurants in San Diego List on ROCK 105.3

Food Smackdown Top Restaurants in San Diego for Out-of-Towners 105.3 FM Feature

Clear Channel’s Rock 105.3 FM (San Diego’s Rock Station) features Food Smackdown’s list of “Top 12 Restaurants in San Diego for Out-Of-Towners” on Today’s Show! Glad Rock 105.3 (Eddie, Costa, Sky, B-Rob & Ashlee) thought our list was “DEAD ON” and “LEGIT!” You can listen at 05:40 in the clip here…


Food Smackdown on Channel 933 with Frankie and Geena

Channel 933 Radio - Frankie and Geena

Food Smackdown joins Channel 93.3 and Frankie and Geena (The Latina) in studio at the Clear Channel building in San Diego California to discuss Food Smackdown’s Top 10 Sports Bars in San Diego list. Special thanks to Clear Channel and Channel 93.3, Frankie V, Geena The Latina, Sean “Sonic” Leckie for having me in as…


Food Smackdown on STAR 94.1 AJ in The Morning Show

STAR 94.1 AJ in The Morning - Food Smackdown Interview

Steve Carlson from Food Smackdown joined “AJ in the Morning” (AJ, Delana, Hula and Dorthy) live in the studio on STAR 94.1 FM radio to discuss his list of the Top 10 Most Unique Burgers in San Diego. You can listen to the podcast here. One of Steve’s largest food undertakings was the hunt to…