Massachusetts Mike's Pizzeria - San Marcos California

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Massachusetts Mike’s Pizzeria

1158 W San Marcos Blvd
San Marcos, CA 92078
(760) 510-2750
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Economics: Slices of pizza were reasonably priced -- $2.50 for cheese and $3.00 with toppings. There are a dozen specialty pies that come in one size ranging in price from $16.50-$29.00. Baked dishes, salads and sides are also available.

Atmosphere: Massachusetts Mike’s Pizzeria is unassumingly located in a food court building on W. San Marcos Boulevard in San Marcos. It shares a building with several other restaurants. The space is small with a few tables but plenty of additional seating in a common area. There is a flat screen TV for watching sports.

Taste: The cheese pizza, artichoke pizza, and spicy chicken pizza slices we had were all excellent and had one of the best New York style thin crusts in San Diego we’ve had.

Service: The service was fast and friendly. We placed our order with a cashier and waited for our order to be brought out. The owner was super friendly and the superb service added to our positive experience.

Massachusetts Mike's Pizzeria
Massachusetts Mike’s Pizzeria is unassumingly located in a food court establishment on W. San Marcos (between Via Vera Cruz and Las Posas Rd) in a plaza center near the Edwards San Marcos Stadium 18 movie theater. Massachusetts’s Mike’s is adjacent to Capriotti’s Sandwich Shop and shares a food court area with several food establishments. The staff and owner were very friendly. And the pizza was delicious!

Massachusetts Mike's Pizzeria Inside
We actually came across Massachusetts Mike’s Pizzeria by chance. During our visit to review Capriotti’s Sandwich Shop we walked over to Massachusetts Mike’s out of curiosity and struck up a conversation with a worker. After learning more about how they make their pizza and it being the sister store of East Coast Pizza (which we’ve reviewed) in Cardiff by the Sea (with a nearly identical menu) we had to try it. And we’re so glad we did! The pizza was excellent and had one of the best New York style thin crusts in San Diego we’ve had.

Massachusetts Mike's Pizzeria Pizza Display
Massachusetts Mike’s offers pizza by the slice ($2.50 for cheese and $3 with toppings) and specialty pies (one size ranging from $16.50-$29.00). The New York style pizza crust is absolutely amazing! Having visited New York just a few weeks ago to compare the authenticity of Southern California’s “New York style” crusts, we can say Massachusetts Mike’s passed the test! It had a super light thin crust with an amazing light crisp which was reminiscent of the delicious crust at Ray’s Pizza on 7th Avenue in NYC (a local favorite). We had three slices of pizza – a slice of cheese pizza, a slice of spicy chicken pizza and a slice of artichoke special pizza.

Massachusetts Mike's Pizzeria Cheese Pizza
The slice of cheese pizza was delicious. The cheese had a dash of seasoning in it and the crust was cooked to perfection giving it the perfect light crisp to it.

Massachusetts Mike's Pizzeria Artichoke Special Pizza
The slice of artichoke pizza was also very good. It’s a white pie with artichoke hearts, ricotta, topped with a house made sauce and pesto. The pesto sauce made this pizza very flavorful.

Massachusetts Mike's Pizzeria Spicy Chicken Pizza
The slice of spicy chicken pizza was excellent and of the three our favorite. It’s a white pie with grilled chicken, pepper rings, topped with the perfect amount of buffalo sauce and ranch dressing.

Massachusetts Mike's Pizzeria Outside
Overall Massachusetts Mike’s Pizzeria in San Marcos exceeded our expectation. We’ve driven by the food court several times but never paid a whole lot of attention to it (it seems the restaurants in the food court often change). Hopefully, Massachusetts Mike’s Pizzeria is here to stay! For delicious New York style thin crust pizza in North County San Diego, Massachusetts Mike’s Pizzeria won’t disappoint!

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