Bare Back Grill - San Diego California

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Bare Back Grill

624 E St
San Diego, CA 92101
Neighborhood: Gaslamp
(619) 237-9990

Economics: Bare Back Grill is on the high end for a burger joint. We ordered a Hogs & Heffers Burger ($10.90), a Bare Lil Lamb Burger ($11.90), small fries ($3.50), small onion rings ($4.90) and no drinks (just water). Our total bill was $34.03 (Yikes!). We recommend sharing a burger and fries – It’s enough food for two and will keep the bill under control.

Atmosphere: A fun, upbeat atmosphere with games at the table and a couple drinking games at the bar. The inside had sports décor on the walls (jerseys, skateboards, surfboards, etc.) and several flat screen TV’s for watching sports throughout.

Taste: The Hogs & Heffers Burger and Bare Lil Lamb Burger were both delicious and cooked to perfection. Some of the best burgers in San Diego we’ve had to date.

Service: The service was very friendly (greeted us when we walked in and told us to sit where we wanted) but we did wait awhile before we were able to place our order (we visited during non-peak hours and it wasn’t very busy).

Inside Bare Back Grill Gaslamp Grill San Diego
After our positive experience at Bare Back Grill in Pacific Beach we had to try out their Gaslamp District location to see how it compared. While the atmosphere at Bare Back Grill Gaslamp (more sports bar oriented) differed from the Pacific Beach (laid back beach feel to it) establishment it was still very cool and the food was equally delicious. The burgers were again some of the best we’ve had in San Diego! Bare Back Grill has been voted best burger four years in a row and it’s no wonder why.

Bare Back Grill Bar Gaslamp District San Diego California
The atmosphere at Bare Back Grill (Gaslamp location) was very fun, upbeat and had a lot of energy flowing throughout with a sports bar like feel to it. There was a nice bar inside facing the sidewalk with large windows that opened up to the patio area. There were several flat screen TV’s at the bar and all around on the brick walls inside for watching sports.

Bare Back Grill Games San Diego
Games were also scattered around (i.e. Connect 4, Jenga, Domino’s, etc.) so you could play games at the table while eating or waiting for your food to arrive (or in our case to kill time while we waited for our order to be taken). A life size Jenga set and hula-hoop was near the entry way. There were also a couple bar/drinking games “Drinko” (similar to Price as Right’s “Plinko”) and a spin the wheel game where you could win a drink (this place must get pretty wild at night). The décor consisted mainly of sports related content such as sports jerseys, surfboards and skateboards hung on the wall.

Bare Back Grill San Diego Burger and Fries
We ordered a Hogs & Heffers Burger ($10.90), a Bare Lil Lamb Burger ($11.90), small fries ($3.50) and small onion rings ($4.90). Our total bill was $34.03. All the beef is 100% organic (ground fresh daily on site) as well as the veggies and the lamb 100% natural. All the food we ordered was delicious. The burgers were super tasty and cooked to perfection!

Bare Back Grill Hogs and Heffers Burger San Diego California
The Hogs & Heffers Burger came with bacon, avocado, edam cheese (we swapped it out for blue cheese), lettuce, tomato, red onion, garlic aioli (we asked to have this on the side), house tomato chutney and was served on a fresh bun. The burger was cooked perfectly (medium, juicy and slightly pink throughout) and was absolutely delicious!

Bare Back Grill Bare Lil Lamb Burger San Diego California
The Bare Lil Lamb Burger was also delicious! The lamb burger came with blue cheese, mint dressing, beetroot, lettuce, tomato, red onion, house chutney and garlic aioli (we asked to have this on the side). We’re not even big fans of lamb but this burger was super tasty and also cooked to perfection.

Bare Back Grill San Diego Fries
The fries were very good. They were thin, crisp and lightly seasoned (these fries seemed to have less seasoning than the fries we had at Bare Back Grill Pacific Beach). The fries were served with three sauces – a red pepper sauce, wasabi sauce and ketchup. The fries tasted good alone or dipped in the various sauces.

Bare Back Grill San Diego Onion Rings
The onion rings were also good but not as crispy on the outside as others we’ve had. The onion rings were also served with a red pepper sauce, wasabi sauce and ketchup and was a great addition to our burger and fries.

Outside Bare Back Grill Gaslamp San Diego California
Overall we were pleased with our Bare Back Grill (Gaslamp location) experience. Although the atmosphere was a little different (more sports bar-ish) than the Pacific Beach location (laid back beach feel to it) it was just as fun and the food was just as delicious! The only downside was the price $34.03 for two burgers, fries and onion rings (with no drinks – just water). Bare Back Grill has one of the best burgers in San Diego we’ve had and we wouldn’t hesitate to return if it weren’t for the price! Fortunately, splitting the burger and fries would be enough food for us – we’ll go with that approach the next time to keep the bill down!

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