The Veggie Grill - Wings - Irvine California

The Veggie Grill Irvine California Vegan Buffalo Wings

When we first visited The Veggie Grill we reviewed the Vegan Cheeseburger (and it was delicious!). During our visit we noticed a sign near the cash register for vegan Buffalo wings. The wings were a new item and weren’t even on the menu yet. Meatless Buffalo wings you say? Hmmmm…This we had to try!! The…


The Veggie Grill - Burger - Irvine California

The Veggie Grill VG-Cheeseburger

When we heard about the vegan burgers at a place called The Veggie Grill we were quite skeptical as our general experience with vegan burgers (and vegetarian burgers) was typically disappointment in taste and texture (falling short of a real burger). So why would we try The Veggie Grill and potentially sacrifice taste on yet…