TK Burgers - Huntington Beach California

TK Burgers Cheeseburger Huntington Beach California

The first TK Burgers opened as a small burger shop in Newport Beach in 1986. It has since expanded its operation to several locations throughout Orange County California including Huntington Beach, Mission Viejo and two in Costa Mesa. If you’re an Orange County resident you’ve probably heard of or ate at TK Burgers before. If…


The Habit Burger Grill - Lake Forest California

The Habit Burger Grill Charburger with Cheese

We heard great things about a burger joint called The Habit Burger Grill. We read plenty of Habit Burger Grill reviews comparing price and quality to In-N-Out as well as being compared to Smashburger and Five Guys. With enough reviewers who preferred the Charburger at The Habit Burger Grill over In-N-Out it caught our attention….


Free Birthday Meals


Do you like free meals? If your answer is “YES” keep on reading. We’ve compiled a list of restaurants that offer free birthday meals and coupons to help celebrate your special day (we’ve even tried most of them)!! So at least once a year you can indulge yourself (for a week or two if you…

Food Trucks, Sandwiches

The Lime Truck - Orange County California

The Lime Truck Food Truck Yum Yum Lamb Sandwich

Continuing on our food truck journey this month it led us to an amazing food truck in Orange County California called The Lime Truck (from the Food Networks “Great Food Race”). The Lime Truck was founded by Executive Chef Jason Quinn and CEO/Visionary Daniel Shemtob. The Lime Truck delivers amazingly fresh food made from high…

Burgers, Food Trucks

The Burnt Truck - Orange County California

The Burnt Truck Crispy Pork Belly Slider Orange County California

We finally caught up with The Burnt Truck which is a popular gourmet food truck in Orange County, California. The Burnt Truck specializes in gourmet sliders and is owned and operated by long-time friends Paul Cao, Minh Pham, and Phi Nguyen. We’ve heard amazing things about The Burnt Truck’s mini-burgers so we’ve been itching to…


The Veggie Grill - Burger - Irvine California

The Veggie Grill VG-Cheeseburger

When we heard about the vegan burgers at a place called The Veggie Grill we were quite skeptical as our general experience with vegan burgers (and vegetarian burgers) was typically disappointment in taste and texture (falling short of a real burger). So why would we try The Veggie Grill and potentially sacrifice taste on yet…


Bruxie - Sandwich - Orange California

Bruxie Buttermilk Fried Chicken and Waffle Sandwich

We’re back! A few weeks ago we visited Bruxie in Orange to experience the “Bold Fold” and try their Bruxie Burger. It was mad delicious and had us wanting to come back for more. This time we wanted to try their famous Buttermilk Fried Chicken and Waffle Sandwich. Once again, Bruxie did not disappoint. The…


Doria's Haus of Pizza - Costa Mesa California

Doria's Haus of Pizza Haus Special

When we got wind a place called Doria’s Original Haus of Pizza (“Doria’s Haus of Pizza”) in Costa Mesa was voted OC’s No. 1 hole-in-the-wall restaurant (by an Orange County Register thread) we had to check it out. And we’re so glad we did. The “Haus Special” pizza at Doria’s Haus of Pizza was excellent!…


Houston's - Irvine California

Houston's California Burger Irvine California

While searching for the best burgers in Orange County we had heard great things about the burgers at a restaurant in Irvine called Houston’s. While the food was not cheap, the romantic setting, attentive and friendly service and excellent upscale burger made it worth the cost. The California Burger we ordered was one of the…


25 Degrees - Huntington Beach California

25 Degrees Huntington Beach California Number One Burger

We’ve been looking forward to hitting up Twenty-Five Degrees in Huntington Beach California to try the hyped up burger and see the ambiance. Our eagerness was driven by positive reviews, substantial press coverage and the touted food and atmosphere at 25 Degrees. And our experience did not disappoint! Established in 1994, the Domaine Restaurants are…