Lazy Dog Cafe - Westminster California

Lazy Dog Cafe Chicken Wings

While waiting to be seated at The Lazy Dog Café in Westminster California I chatted with a friendly patron waiting for their pick-up order who mentioned how great the wings were here. It turned out that this customer regular came in to order wings to go. Being a huge fan of hot wings we had…


The Veggie Grill - Wings - Irvine California

The Veggie Grill Irvine California Vegan Buffalo Wings

When we first visited The Veggie Grill we reviewed the Vegan Cheeseburger (and it was delicious!). During our visit we noticed a sign near the cash register for vegan Buffalo wings. The wings were a new item and weren’t even on the menu yet. Meatless Buffalo wings you say? Hmmmm…This we had to try!! The…


Wings 'N Things - Huntington Beach California

Wings N Things Huntington Beach California

While searching for the best wings in Orange County we came across an unassuming place (that has served wings for over two decades) in Huntington Beach called Buffalo Wings ‘N Things Restaurant (Wings ‘N Things). Many reviews had Wings ‘N Things as a favorite place in Orange County for original buffalo style chicken wings so…