Portillo's - Chicago Illinois

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Portillo's Hot Dogs

100 W Ontario St
Chicago, IL 60654
(312) 587-8910

Economics: Priced to please, at Portillo's you won't have to go crying to mom for a little extra pocket change whenever a craving hits.

Atmosphere: Portillo's has a fun, inviting and upbeat atmosphere. It's the perfect place to sit a while and catch up with friends or make googly eyes over a scrumptious shake on your first date.

Taste: As their thousands of fans can attest, Portillo's leaves their customers dreaming of the day they can enjoy their next visit.

Service: The service is fast and friendly. Orders are placed with a cashier and your called to pick-up when ready. Despite the long line and crowd, our order was placed and fulfilled quickly.

Portillo's - Chicago Illionois
Before heading out on the town, stop by Chicago’s Portillo’s Hot Dogs for a sandwich that will make your taste buds zing.

Portillo's - Chicago Illionois
Portillo’s all began as a humble hot dog trailer in 1963 named the “Dog House,” and has grown over the years into forty-seven restaurants all boasting superior food and service.

Portillo's - Chicago Illionois
Walking into Portillo’s is almost like taking a step into a shopping mall meets old-timely malt shop as neon signs, checkered table cloths, and kitschy signs and art abound.

Portillo's - Chicago Illionois
Whether it’s their classic hot dog or mouth-watering Italian Beef sandwich with gravy dipping juice, Portillo’s is serving up finger-licking good food at prices that can’t compare. They’re up to the task of roasting a dog to juicy perfection, and aren’t afraid to pile that meat high on their delectable sandwiches.

Portillo's - Chicago Illionois
We had Portillo’s famous Italian beef sandwich and it was incredible–One of the best Italian beef’s we’ve ever had. The Italian beef was piled high on a fresh Italian roll and topped with sweet peppers and housemade gravy.

Portillo's - Chicago Illionois
The frozen custard dessert is also a must. It’s a refreshing and creamy delight.

Portillo's - Chicago Illionois
If you’re looking for an inexpensive place to wow your date, look no further than Portillo’s Hot Dogs.

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