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Recess Food Truck - San Diego California

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Eat at Recess

San Diego, CA
Food Truck
(760) 624-8687
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Economics: Reasonable price for delectable organic salads, gourmet sandwiches and burgers. Everything on the menu was $9 or less. There was also a breakfast menu (items ranged $1.60-$5.50).

Atmosphere: Recess food truck was state-of-the-art. The truck was huge, yellow (had a school theme) and very modern. Eat at Recess had a 50-inch LCD and Xbox Kinect and Blu-ray player for entertainment and speakers playing any tune you can imagine. You can also place your order online and they’ll text you when it’s ready.

Taste: Everything we had at Recess was delicious. What stood out most was the Red Light grilled vegetarian turkey sandwich, the delicious Exchange Student salad, scrumptious tater tots and refreshing Shirley Temple.

Service: The service was fast and friendly. We met with the owners Jason and Rachel Swinford. They were both super-friendly and welcoming which added to our positive experience. Recess accepts major credit cards.

Recess Food Truck - San Diego California
Recess is a state-of-the-art food truck (with a school theme) in San Diego California that combines playtime and technology with gourmet food truck fare. Eat at Recess had a cool 50-inch LCD and Xbox Kinect and Blu-ray player for entertainment and speakers playing any tune you can imagine.

We caught up with Recess on two occasions – Once during a regular lunch stop and again when Food Smackdown was chosen to join Cooking Channel’s Eat St. as an expert food critic during their taping of Recess. And rest assured, we had a lot of good things to say!

Recess Food Truck - Eat St. Filming
Recess was just one of four food trucks being filmed by Eat Street as part of a Season 3 episode featuring four San Diego food trucks. And it’s no wonder why. Recess is unique, fun and the food is amazing! And not to mention, owners Jason and Rachel are super friendly too.

Recess Food Truck - San Diego California
The mobile playground serves custom organic salads, sandwiches, and gourmet burgers not found in your typical lunch box or brown bagged lunch. Recess sources organic and local ingredients whenever possible and continually adds organic and local farmers to their list.

Recess Food Truck - San Diego California
At Recess food truck you can also place your order online and they’ll text you when it’s ready. Their menu consisted of hot and cold sandwiches, sides, beverages and breakfast. The animal products used are all natural and humanely raised and they use local and organic produce as much as possible. Also, everything is served in earth-friendly 100% compostable packaging.

Recess Food Truck Menu - San Diego California
We ordered the Red Light vegetarian turkey sandwich ($6.50), the Exchange Student salad ($7.50), The Bully Burger ($7.50), AP Tater Tots ($3.00), Remedial Tots ($3.00) and a Recess Shirley Temple ($1.80).

Recess Food Truck - Red Light Sandwich
The Red Light sandwich was delicious and came with grilled vegetarian turkey, caramelized onions, melted Havarti, jalapenos and spicy Recess sauce on buttery and lightly toasted sourdough bread.

Recess Food Truck - Red Light Sandwich
The grilled vegetarian turkey was amazing. The meatless turkey was moist, full of flavor and tasted just like real turkey. The spicy Recess sauce and jalapenos added a nice little kick to the sandwich which we really liked. For a not-so-spicy option you can choose the Green Light sandwich (rather than Red Light), which replaces the jalapenos and spicy Recess sauce with garlicky aioli.

Recess Food Truck - Exchange Student Salad
The Exchange Student salad was piled high with fresh and crisp veggies – The salad was gourmet and delicious. It came with cool cucumber, Kalamata olives, tomatoes, sliced red onion, and crumbled feta on a bed of organic spring mix, sprinkled with seasoned croutons. On the side was a delicious creamy Greek dressing. There’s also a cool option on the menu to build your own salad.

Recess Food Truck - The Bully Burger
The Bully Burger was also delicious. It came with a 1/3lb grass-fed patty, top it with applewood smoked bacon, slather on spicy BBQ sauce, grilled onions and cheddar. The beef juicy and cooked to perfection (pink throughout).

Recess Food Truck - AP Tots
The AP Tots were incredible! The AP tots were a crisp golden brown on the outside but moist and super juicy on the inside. The tots were cooked to perfection with truffle oil and topped with tasty feta cheese.

Recess Food Truck - Remedial Tots
The Remedial Tots were also mind-blowing! These tots were seasoned with zesty crispy bacon-salt and topped with cheddar cheese and Recess signature sauce. The tots were mouth-watering, crisp on the outside and were bursting with flavor with each bite.

Recess Food Truck - Recess Shirley Temple
The Recess Shirley Temple ($1.80) was spot on and an excellent addition to our meal. It was made from the perfect blend of Boylan’s Ginger Ale and Boylan’s Black Cherry soda – It was crisp and refreshing with a twist of sweetness.

Recess Food Truck - San Diego California
When the lunch bell rings there’s one food truck that stands out, Recess. To make the most of your lunch hour with entertainment and great eats, stop by Recess food truck. You won’t be disappointed!

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