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Mangia Mangia Mobile - San Diego California

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Mangia Mangia Mobile

San Diego, CA 92101
(858) 405-0070

Economics: On Thursday evenings Mangia Mangia Mobile offers a five course meal for $20. It is a reasonable price for delicious authentic Italian classics.

Atmosphere: Mangia Mangia Mobile is said to be San Diego's first and only gourmet Italian food truck. It is owned and operated by Marko Pavlinovic and was contacted by the Cooking Channel’s Eat Street after just a few weeks of doing business.

Taste: The five course meal was delicious and some of the best Italian food we’ve had. The mozzarella caprese, meatballs in marinara, spinach ravioli, chicken breast in brown sauce and homemade Tiramisu were all excellent.

Service: The service was exceptional. Owner and operator of Mangia Mangia Mobile, Marko, was super friendly, funny, entertaining and added to our positive experience.

Mangia Mangia Food Truck San Diego California
Mangia Mangia Mobile is said to be San Diego’s first and only gourmet Italian food truck. The gourmet food truck uses the finest ingredients to create spectacular Italian classics.

Mangia Mangia Food Truck Marko Pavlinovic San Diego California
Mangia Mangia is owned and operated by Marko Pavlinovic. He is friendly, entertaining and provides unmatched hospitality. Just a few weeks after doing business, Mangia Mangia was contacted and featured on Cooking Channel’s Eat St. by James Cunningham.

Mangia Mangia Food Truck San Diego California
We visited Mangia Mangia on a Thursday evening for Mangia Prix Fixe. Every Thursday Night at 57 Degrees Wine Shop in Mission Hills, Mangia Mangia Mobile prepares a special five course dinner for $20. The food was delicious and some of the best Italian food we’ve had! Here’s how the five courses added up on our taste buds.

Mangia Mangia Food Truck Mozzarella Caprese
Course 1. The mozzarella caprese was a delicious appetizer that came with fresh cut tomatoes in extra virgin olive oil and topped with salt and pepper and basil leaves.

Mangia Mangia Food Truck Meatballs
Course 2. The meatballs in marinara sauce topped with parmesan and chopped parsley were amazing. The meatballs were juicy, flavorful and were made from Marko’s special recipe consisting of 40% pork, 40% beef and 20% veal.

Mangia Mangia Food Truck Spinach Ravioli
Course 3. The spinach pasta ravioli was excellent. It came stuffed with tasty ricotta cheese and served in a butter, sage and crème sauce.

Mangia Mangia Food Truck Chicken Breast
Course 4. The chicken breast sautéed in brown sauce was also delicious. It came topped with white mushrooms and a side of flavorful Italian risotto made with short grain Arborio.

Mangia Mangia Food Truck Tiramisu
Course 5. Last but not least was Marko’s homemade Tiramisu made with ladyfingers soaked in coffee and spirits and layered with rich custard made from heavy crème. The tiramisu was one of the best we’ve had.

Mangia Mangia Food Truck Menu San Diego California
For a unique and entertaining evening with excellent hospitality and delicious Italian fare, Mangia Mangia Mobile is a must try! Marko and his gourmet Mangia Mangia food truck will not disappoint!

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