The Money Pit - San Marcos California

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The Money Pit Drive Thru

1360 E Mission Rd
San Marcos, CA 92069
(760) 566-6323
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Economics: For just under $2 for a cheeseburger ($1.93) the Money Pit was very reasonable and a great deal for the person on a budget.

Atmosphere: The Money Pit had a relaxed, sit-down type atmosphere and was uniquely decorated inside with movie posters, license plates, road signs, etc. (all of which had a money related theme).

Taste: For the price ($1.93 for a cheeseburger), the burgers at Money Pit were pretty good and fast-food quality. The fries were just decent and looked and tasted a lot like cafeteria fries.

Service: The service was fast and the workers were friendly. The Money Pit did not take an American Express credit card – only Visa and MasterCard. Upon ordering at a cashier we were given a receipt with our order number on it and the food was brought out to us when it was ready. Drive thru is available.

Inside The Money Pit San Marcos California
If you’re looking for burgers and you’re on a budget The Money Pit Drive Thru (The Money Pit) in San Marcos in North County San Diego might be the place for you. You can get a cheeseburger for just under $2. The Money Pit has reasonable prices for decent size portions at around $2-$3 for a burger. There are plenty of other food options on the menu too. We felt the burger and fries were fast-food quality or slightly better (depending on which fast food chain you compare it to). The Money Pit is located on the corner of a shopping center. We visited on a Monday night and didn’t see a whole lot of activity or other restaurants nearby.

Inside The Money Pit San Marcos California
The Money Pit has a fun and uniquely decorated atmosphere that includes such things as movie posters, license plates, road signs, etc. all of which have a money related theme. There were plenty of tables for seating and even a couple benches inside that have actual coins covering the seat. Inside we did not see utensils or trash cans accessible. Funny, we noticed other people commenting on “where’s the trash can.” When finished, you leave everything on the table and the workers will clean it up for you (I tried implementing this genius concept at home – but it was quickly shut-down).

The Money Pit Bacon Avacado Burger San Marcos California
We ordered a cheeseburger ($1.93), a bacon avocado burger ($3.15) which we were told was the most popular burger and an order of fries ($1.99). The burgers come with lettuce, tomatoes, purple onions and a thousand island dressing. For the price, the burger was pretty tasty and a solid competitor to the many fast-food joints out there.

The Money Pit Fries San Marcos California
The fries were pretty reasonable but the quality was just ok – it tasted and looked a lot like cafeteria fries (and similar to the fries at Tommy’s Burger). The fries didn’t have that light crisp on the outside we really like (they were not very crispy and somewhat limp).

The Money Pit Burgers and Fries San Marcos California
The burgers and fries are definitely not at the same level as a Hodad’s or Rocky’s Crown Pub or a Smashburger. However, to be fair the burgers at The Money Pit were probably about half the cost or less than some of the mid-range and gourmet burger joints we ate at.

Outside The Money Pit San Marcos California
Overall we were satisfied with our meal and experience (mostly because the bill totaled $7.69 for 2 burgers and fries which filled us both up). A drive-thru was available for food on-the-go. I’m not sure we could justify a special trip to this place. But if we happened to be in the area and wanted a cheap and fast bite to eat I could see stopping by or going through the convenient drive-thru.


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    i love this place i always come for their junk yard dog double fried its the best you guys have to try it

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