Pizza Port Wings - Carlsbad California

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Pizza Port Brewing Company

571 Carlsbad Village Dr
Carlsbad, CA 92008
(760) 720-7007
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Economics: Pizza Port in Carlsbad had a Wednesday special on hot wings. The hot wings were 35 cents each after 5pm on Wednesdays. For 20 wings our total bill was $7.61. A great price for hot wings (even though the wings were on the smaller side).

Atmosphere: Fun, loud, busy, diverse crowd, family friendly environment with a lot of energy and very cool and relaxed beach atmosphere. There were several picnic tables put together to form long rows of seating, some arcade games for entertainment, a bar area sectioned off from the main seating area with flat screen TV’s.

Taste: The hot wings (we ordered mild but a hotter sauce is available) were small in size, had a good flavor and the mild sauce was not too spicy (and not overpowering with a Tabasco flavor which some wings have). The wings were baked but the skin was not super crispy (we would have preferred the skin be a little crispier).

Service: The workers were younger, energetic and very friendly. Upon ordering at the cashier we waited for our name (first and last initial) to be called. We waited about 20 minutes for our name to be called (but it was pretty busy).

Pizza Port Outside Carlsbad California
While Pizza Port Carlsbad location may be known for their fresh brewed craft beers and pizza we had heard that the wings were also very good. For 35 cents a wing on Wednesdays after 5pm (a Wednesday wing special we did not see listed on the menu) we wanted to check this place out to see how good the wings were. We visited Pizza Port in Carlsbad on a Wednesday after 5pm and the wings were indeed 35 cents each (the cashier said we could order as many as we wanted up to 50 wings).

Pizza Port Bar Carlsbad California
Upon entering Pizza Port in Carlsbad we immediately noticed an energetic and diverse crowd of people which included a good mixture of friends, men and women of all ages, families with children, couples and singles. The atmosphere was very cool, casual, crowded, somewhat loud and with a lot of fun energy around us. The inside was quite big with several picnic tables put together to form several long rows of seating. Hung from the ceiling were several surfboards and on the wall surfing material and pictures. We definitely felt the relaxed surf vibe in this place. There was also a bar area somewhat sectioned off from the main seating area with some bar seating and pub table seating. Also, there was a small section against the wall with several arcade games for entertaining and for kids to have fun and let out their energy.

Pizza Port Wings Carlsbad California
We ordered 20 wings (35 cents each on Wednesdays after 5pm) and our total bill was $7.61. We ordered the mild sauce on our wings (a hotter wing sauce is available if you’re into that). Upon ordering I was asked for my first name and last initial, given a receipt and waited for my name to be called. The service was very friendly. Our order did take some time to come out (about 20 minutes) but it was pretty busy.

Pizza Port Wings Carlsbad California
The wings came out on a large, open, round, red tray and the wings were served with ranch dressing in small, clear plastic containers. We did try the ranch and were not very impressed with the flavor and somewhat watery consistency. We actually prefer blue cheese with our wings so we asked for a couple sides of blue cheese (the blue cheese came in packets). The blue cheese tasted much better to us with the wings!

Pizza Port Wings Carlsbad California
The wings were pretty small but still had a good amount of meat on them (for how small they were). The skin was somewhat crispy and had a pretty good flavor (the mild we ordered was not too spicy which we liked). The basket of wings on the menu mentions that the wings are baked. Based on the consistency it did look like the wings were baked.

Pizza Port Outside Carlsbad California
Overall, we really enjoyed our experience at Pizza Port. It has a great atmosphere and a very fun environment for people of all ages. The wings we had were pretty good. Although we’ve had better you can’t beat the price at Pizza Port for 35 cent wings on Wednesday after 5pm!

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