Lefty's Chicago Pizzeria - San Diego California

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Lefty's Chicago Pizzeria - North Park

3448 30th St
San Diego, CA 92104
Neighborhood: North Park
(619) 295-1720
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Economics: Reasonable price for a slice of authentic Chicago style thin crust pizza ($2.25) or a slice of Chicago style deep pizza ($3.25). Full 16” thin and crispy, 16” deep dish or 14” stuffed crust pies are also sold ($15-$27) depending on crust and type of pizza selected.

Atmosphere: Very relaxed, super friendly and heavily Chicago sports themed atmosphere. The inside was small and somewhat narrow (but added to the cool hole-in-the-wall experience). There was bar stool seating facing the windows inside with more seating in a patio area outside.

Taste: The pepperoni and sausage pizza on a golden deep dish crust was delicious. We loved the deep dish crust. The pepperoni and sausage was tasty and the mozzarella cheese and chunky tomato sauce was excellent.

Service: Left’s Chicago Pizzeria had super friendly service. The workers were all friendly and helpful explaining the different types of crusts. Upon ordering our food was brought out to us. For those who care American Express was accepted.

Inside Lefty's Chicago Pizzeria North Park San Diego California
With a strong fan-base, tons of positive reviews and a reputation for having one of the best Chicago style pizza’s in San Diego, Lefty’s Chicago Pizzeria was a must try for us. And our experience was consistent with the positive reviews!

Lefty’s Chicago Pizzeria has two San Diego locations – One in the North Park area and one in Mission Hills. We visited the North Park location which was located on the corner of 30th Street and Myrtle Avenue. Upon arriving we did not see a parking lot for the establishment. So we parked across the street in a somewhat residential area since the street parking was full.

Lefty's Chicago Pizzeria Pizza Display North Park San Diego California
Lefty’s Chicago Pizzeria is family owned and operated and definitely had a cozy mom-and-pop shop feel to it. The workers were all very friendly, welcoming and really made us feel at home. The inside was small and narrow (but added to the hole-in-the-wall experience) and the seating consisted of bar stools that faced towards the windows. There was more seating outside in front of the establishment in an open patio area (covered by an awning). We loved the inside décor of Chicago sports memorabilia (hats, shirts, framed pictures, etc.) that covered the wall from floor to ceiling. There was also a flat screen TV on the wall for watching sports.

Lefty's Chicago Pizzeria Pepperoni Sausage Deep Crust
We ordered a slice of pepperoni and sausage with the highly touted Chicago Style deep dish crust ($3.00). The deep dish crust had a golden light crisp to it and tasted delicious. The cornmeal added to the dough also gave it great flavor. The pizza was made with the finest mozzarella and topped off with a yummy chunky tomato sauce and fresh pepperoni.

Lefty's Chicago Pizzeria Pepperoni Sausage Deep Crust
Lefty’s Chicago Pizzeria offers three types of authentic Chicago style pizza crust – Golden deep dish crust (made to rise more with cornmeal added to the dough), thin crust (cut into squares) and stuffed pizza (filled with pure Wisconsin mozzarella cheese and surrounded by two layers of crust).

Lefty's Chicago Pizzeria Inside Seating North Park San Diego California
Overall, we enjoyed our experience at Lefty’s Chicago Pizzeria in the North Park neighborhood in San Diego. We loved the mom-and-pop shop hole-in-the-wall feel Lefty’s had and the delicious authentic Chicago style deep dish pizza crust was excellent. The super friendly service and Chicago sports themed décor throughout really added to our positive experience. If you’re in the North Park area and want to try an authentic Windy City flavored pizza, Lefty’s Chicago Pizzeria is a must try!


  1. Doug Vannier says:

    Lefty’s is the Number One best Pizza in town!!! I am probably the only one to have eaten at all on this list and previously worked in nine restaurants. A couple of reasons why Lefty’s is my favorite; 1. They give a damn. When you eat their food you can really tell they love food and ensure they use more expensive ingredients than some others on this list. 2. The SAUCE! Lefty’s got this one right!!! Everyone I serve Lefty’s to agrees this sauce is much better than it has to be. One day they will sell it in jars and I will invest. 3. The menu is authentic Chicago. Think you’re not a big Chicago/Italian food fan? Try the Italian beef sandwich, the loaded fries with bacon cheese and sour cream and my favorite “The Monster of the Midway” Food so good it makes me mad that everybody doesn’t try this hard. -doug

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